"Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them: if prophecy, in proportion to the faith; if ministry, in ministering; if one is a teacher, in teaching; if one exhorts, in exhortation; if one contributes, in generosity; if one is over others, with diligence; if one does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness” (Rom 12:6-8).

We are one body and community in Christ and it is our goal to bring our parishioners together through the stewardship program of sharing time, talent, and treasure.  It is our desire to make our church an inviting, joyful, and prayerful place to worship.  To make these happen, we encourage our parishioners to share their time and talent and be part of at least one ministry.  We invite you to review the various ways you can be involved in the volunteer opportunities of the parish.

Parish Leadership

Do you want to serve in the capacity of a leader at this parish and help shape and grow this parish into a greater community of discipleship, charity, and faith in Jesus rooted in the sacraments and shown through love towards neighbor and God? Join one of our Parish Leadership ministries!

Care Ministry Services

Do you want to aid those going through a rough time and are hurting? Please consider volunteering through one of our Care Ministry Services.

Education & Formation

Do you have a knack for teaching and/or are good with children? Then join one of our many Education & Formation ministries and help teach our children about the Catholic Faith!

Music Ministries

Music Ministers are those who love music and/or love to sing; you are invited to join this ministry. If you have a musical background, can sing or play a musical instrument, share those skills with your parishioners at the Saturday or Sunday Worship.

Worship Ministries

The word Liturgy means “the work of the people.” Being a liturgical minister is a way to serve the Church during the Mass you are already attending. Do you want to assist with Mass and want to share that gift with others? Please consider joining one of our Worship Ministries and use your gifts to lead others deeper into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

Parish Support Services

Do you want to aid the parish in many different capacities and have some free time on your hands? Then you may be perfect to serve our parish through one of our support services! Check out our ministries here!

Special Events & Social Ministries

Come join one or multiple of our Special Events & Social Ministries here at St. Bernard’s! We do many fun events every year and the social ministries are a great way to meet new friends while working to serve our parish community.