Follow Jesus with us through Discipleship Nights! 

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:15

Follow Jesus with us through Discipleship Nights! 

Discipleship Nights at St. Bernard are designed to help everyone grow in a relationship with Christ. We want to give you and your children the practical and spiritual support to live a faith-filled life. This night is for everyone to come as they are, bringing yourself or your whole family to walk with Jesus’ family on the road where love and acceptance are freely shared. We begin our Discipleship Nights with a meal and then gather together in the church for prayer and reflection, and even some singing. The children then break into age groups to learn about Jesus at their own level.

Faith Formation at St. Bernard is an integral part of Discipleship Nights, based on our belief that our faith journey is life-long and ever-growing. We offer formation for children, teens, and adults of all ages and life situations. We walk with everyone where they are in love and compassion.

Children and adults will learn many ways to pray, including, but not limited to: memorized, spontaneous, intercessory, spiritual reading, listening, adoration… We learn about our faith tradition, saints who show the way to a close relationship with God and encourage us to aspire to sainthood ourselves, questions of morality as are appropriate to age, the seven tenets of Catholic social teaching and ways to serve our brothers and sisters in need that honor them (which we carry out with visits to nursing homes, letter writing, ministering to the homeless, etc).

Our curriculums are designed to help all who come to develop ways of understanding and living their faith that will serve them throughout life. See for yourself the various offerings by age.