Edna Ulrich

Edna Ulrich

Edna has held the role of Parish Secretary since May 2016. Her responsibility is to keep things running as smoothly as possible in the office.  You will usually find her handling the volunteer receptionist and bulletin stuffer schedules, keeping sacramental records up to date, office supplies in stock, managing incoming email, distributing postal mail and packages, scheduling mass intentions, answering the phone, or helping out where ever she is needed.

Prior to joining the staff here at St. Bernard, Edna worked as a customer sales and service representative for a communications company for 25 years.  After retiring and enjoying the life of leisure for about a month she realized that she needed something to keep her busier than she needed to be. Edna has been married to Tim for 11 years and has a daughter that is officially a teenager.  When the weather is nice, she enjoys gardening (yes growing weeds count), camping, traveling and fishing (still trying to get that trophy musky & sturgeon).  When the weather is not so nice Edna is often curled up under a blanket with a book reading or just sleeping with a book atop her face. She also enjoys baking, cooking or trying a new craft when time permits.  Edna hopes to learn to knit and sew something that you can actually wear for something other than as a Halloween costume someday or learn to play an instrument.

Edna and her family started attending St. Bernard about a year before starting the RCIA program in the fall of 2015.  "I am still getting to know those that I have met and am looking forward to meeting so many more of you. I am generally a quiet person and I always to try to greet others with a smile and a helpful spirit. I still have much to learn in my faith and ask that you be patient as I seek answers to questions and a better understanding."

"My hope for our parish is that we continue to nurture and grow our relationship with each other and with Jesus. I hope to see our congregation grow, of course, but I want to see us be more loving and welcoming. I want to see our children be more active. We need to get them involved and give them a chance to live their God given strengths to praise Him while they are young so that that knowledge and experience will go with them throughout life. I pray for my church family and for our church renovation project."

If you have any questions Edna is the diva who can help!  Just give her a call at 920-739-0331 or email at eulrich@stbernardappleton.org.