Worship Ministries

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist presiding priests at weekend and Holy Day Masses. They assist the priest and deacon in the celebration of the Mass so the liturgy can be conducted with grace and reverence. This ministry is open to children in grades 5 and higher and adults and 2 training sessions are required. Servers are asked to commit to one Mass a month at the Mass of your choice and during special liturgical celebrations.

Funeral Altar Servers

Funeral altar servers accompany the presider as he greets the family and receives the body in the entrance procession and assists the priest during the Mass. Servers used for funerals are trained specifically for these Masses and are used on an as need basis.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion bring the Eucharist to their fellow parishioners at daily and weekend Mass and special liturgical celebrations. Training is required and held at various times throughout the year.

Ministers serve once a month at the liturgy of their choice but are encouraged to serve whenever there is an opening.


Ushers assist in creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for the celebration of Masses.  This ministry of hospitality helps people find seating as they gather, ushers members to Communion, takes up the collection, secures the offertory, and cleans up after Mass. This ministry is open to all – women and men, individuals and families.  Training is provided.  Ministers serve once a month at a Mass of their choice.


If you like to smile and enjoy meeting new people this is the ministry for you!  The Hospitality Greeter actively and enthusiastically welcomes parishioners and guests coming to Mass and events.
This ministry opens doors for people arriving, assists people who struggle getting around, and assists with questions about facility locations and events.  Open to all, and is also a great family ministry. Greeters are asked to serve once a month at the Mass of their choice.


As a Lector you are responsible for bringing life to the scriptures at liturgy. Lectors proclaim the word of God to the parishioners so that all may more meaningfully share in the Eucharistic celebration.  Lectors should be comfortable speaking in front of people and possess good speaking skills.

New lectors attend a training/information session, held at various times throughout the year. Ministers serve once a month at the liturgy of their choice but are encouraged to serve whenever there is an opening.

Media Assistant


We believe that music enriches the worship experience and is an integral part of our liturgy. Music provides opportunities for members to be part of the celebration of our Catholic faith and use their talents to a full and active participation in the liturgy. We encourage any member with talents in vocal or instrumental music to participate as a soloist or a member of a group.

St. Bernard Church offers a variety of opportunities for parishioners to be involved in music. Click here for a complete listing of opportunities.


Ever wonder how the various linens that are used during the Masses each week magically appear all clean and folded? Every wonder how everything is all ready and set up for Mass each week? Both of these areas involve a ministry that involves taking care of things needed to be done before liturgy can take place.  Sacristans can serve as Liturgy Assistants and/or as Altar Linen cleaners.

Worship Environment Team

Liturgical Minister Schedules