When we lack a basic understanding of what the Church teaches, we can feel as if we’re on a road without a map, or have the wrong map, or only pieces of the map. So how can we journey to the Father and the eternal life Christ won for us? Without a map, how will we make it to our destination? Rerouting presents us with a sweeping vista of what we believe in a way that makes sense and causes our faith to grow and flourish, both in our hearts and in the world.

Sessions begin Monday, September 10 – 6:00-7:00 pm – St. Bernard Parish Lounge.  Register today!


Session 1 – On-Ramps – Getting on the Road Means First Discarding False Notions

Session 2 – Road Work Ahead – Slowing Down to Consider Why God Created Us

Session 3- Merge – Speeding Along, We Need to Discover What Makes Us Happy

Session 4 – Bridge Out – The Bridge to God Is Destroyed through Our Rebellion

Session 5 – Bridge Restored – The Bridge is Rebuilt by God Himself through Jesus

Session 6 – One Way – Are We Going in the Right Direction as a Disciple of Jesus?

Session 7 – Enter Here – We Can Listen to Jesus’ Voice Calling Us to Surrender to Him