Discover your Spiritual Gifts!

Wednesday, May 3 & 10
6:00 PM

May 3 | Introduction Presentation & Spiritual Gifts

May 10 | Interpreting the Results of Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Did you know we receive three distinct things from the Holy Spirit?
God has uniquely gifted you to help build his kingdom?
Come discover how.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Wisdom – Counsel – Knowledge – Piety – Fortitude –
Understanding – Fear of the Lord

These are the traditional gifts of the Holy Spirt that are poured out to each of us in baptism and sealed in us in confirmation.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Love – Joy – Peace – Patience – Kindness – Generosity – Gentleness
Faithfulness – Self-control

Fruits are the evidence in our lives that the Holy Spirit is working.


Administration – Craftsmanship – Leadership – Musicianship
Faith – Prophecy – and many more.

These are special gifts uniquely given to each of us specially for the purpose of building God’s kingdom.

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